Fixing Your Automation Challenges in the Era of CI/CD

Continuous Delivery is now the holy grail of IT organizations, but most companies are still struggling with the transition into shorter release cycles and faster, more frequent deployments. A key challenge that companies are facing in that transition lies around test automation, and in this talk we will cover these challenges in details and demonstrate […]

Today’s Regression Automation Challenge for CI/CD

Regression Automation is all over the map today. The software testing world is way more varied than people think. Some organizations have thousands of tests constantly running on all kinds of VMs taking multiple days to execute, while others have no test automation at all. Any hope of Continuous Delivery or Pipeline Automation makes this […]

Modern Testing Teams and Strategies

The pipeline is moving faster, the business is growing and you are hearing even more demands for higher product quality and efficacy. And you’re being asked to present your ideas for meeting this challenge to your fellow directors: can we test more? can we test sooner? can we change the scope of testing? can we […]

Why Are You NOT Performing Risk Analysis to Improve Your Testing?

Face it, the scope and complexities of software testing are increasing significantly as new technologies emerge, applications become more advanced, and users become more astute! The quantity of test conditions and test cases can make the process of testing overwhelming, especially when factoring in aggressive deadlines and a lack of resources. Utilizing a strategic risk-based […]

Optimize Your Tests for Continuous Integration

“Test early, test often.” If you’ve worked with me, you are probably sick of hearing me say that. But it’s common sense that if your tests find a problem shortly after that problem was created, it will be easier to fix. This is one of the principles that make continuous integration a very powerful strategy. […]

Making the Move to Continuous Testing – 6 Key Considerations

Today’s modern development disciplines — whether Agile, Continuous Integration (CI) or Continuous Delivery (CD) — have completely transformed how teams develop and deliver applications. But in order to compete in today’s fast-paced digital economy, companies must also transform how they test. Successful teams know the secret sauce to delivering high quality digital experiences fast is […]

Stacking The Automation Deck

Arranging the playing cards in a deck to be in one’s favor is called stacking the deck. Outside of card playing, we use the term more generally to mean arranging a situation to increase our chances of a favorable outcome. When it comes to automation endeavors, the meaning is no different. Specifically, we want to […]

Testing AI-Based Systems

People are adding “AI” to everything these days —but the big question is how to test it. We are already seeing AI products go awry. Engineers working on AI fear the little Frankenstein minds they created might make some bad decisions. Like traditional software, this new AI-based software needs to be tested. Jason shares techniques […]