Spring 2019 Keynote Speakers!

STPCon Spring 2019 Keynotes Announced

Don’t Miss These Industry Thought Leaders

STPCon is all about software testing.  Our program is developed “by Testers, for Testers” – our keynote presentations are no exception!  Keynote presentations for STPCon Spring 2019 have been chosen based on the message they have for the testing community, as well as the speakers’ unique ability to motivate, inspire and inform.  We are pleased to announce the following keynote presentations which were carefully chosen based on our criteria – we look forward to seeing you in April!

STPCon Keynote: Mary Thorn Wednesday, April 3rd, 9am-10am

Mary Thorn – President, Mary Thorn Consulting

Keynote: The One Thing Testers Can Learn from Machine Learning
I am here to tell you that testers are not being replaced by machines any time soon. However, testers with an open mind could learn a few things from supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques. How iterative processes minimize “wrongness” and how creating neural networks can relate to their everyday job of being a [READ FULL DESCRIPTION]

Mary is at STPCon for a few days, and as a result is also delivering two workshops and a session, here they are!
Workshop: Keys to Transitioning to Agile Testing
Workshop: Agile Risked Based Testing Techniques
Session: “Help, I’m Drowning in 2 Week Sprints, Please Tell Me What not to Test”

STPCon Keynote: Michael Bolton Wednesday, April 3rd, 1:15pm-2:15pm

Michael Bolton – Consulting Software Tester & Testing Teacher

Keynote: Testers as Their Own Worst Enemies
Sometimes, in some organizations, testers complain that they’re not respected or acknowledged. Project management views testers as obstacles to timely releases; developers see testers as uninformed and technically ignorant pests. [READ FULL DESCRIPTION]

Michael is a very busy test professional, and while he is at STPCon he will not only deliver a Keynote Address but several workshops and sessions too! Don’t miss these:
Workshop: Rapid Introduction to Rapid Software Testing
Workshop: Critical Thinking Skills for Testers
Session: Rapid Software Testing in Agile Contexts
Session: The Secret Life of Automation

STPCon Keynote: Jason Arbon Thursday, April 4th, 9am-10am

Jason Arbon – CEO at Test.ai

Keynote: Testing all the World’s Apps with AI
Jason shares a glimpse into this future with real-world running code, data, and open source resources so you can apply AI-based testing into your own testing efforts.. See the AI-based future of testing and learn how to be part of it. Welcome our new AI testing overlords. [READ FULL DESCRIPTION]

Jason will also lead a workshop and a session during STPCon this Spring, check em’ out!
Workshop: Testing Software with Machine Learning
Session: Testing AI-Based Systems

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