Keynote: Testing all the World’s Apps with AI

How can one system test all the world’s apps? Mobile and Web. Jason shares learnings from applying AI techniques for doing just that. Learn how AI can help with the problems of identifying elements in applications, and the sequencing of test steps for regression testing. See how AI can measure qualitative aspects such as usability and even user perceptions of quality such as trustworthiness. Get a glimpse into the future of an AI-powered world of testing. Understand how testing will change with the help of these AI-based testing techniques. Learn how human testers will collaborate with AI to be even more effective testers and automation engineers.

Jason shares a glimpse into this future with real-world running code, data, and open source resources so you can apply AI-based testing into your own testing efforts.. See the AI-based future of testing and learn how to be part of it. Welcome our new AI testing overlords.

AI Testing Keynote Leadership Mobile Strategy
Location: Regency Ballroom Date: April 4, 2019 Time: 9:00 am - 10:00 am Jason Arbon - CEO, Jason Arbon