Security from Testers Perspective

Security is an increasingly important factor for all organizations, and for this reason Penetration Tests are executed with specialized security teams, who have specific knowledge about security, but don’t always know the business rules. There is a set of vulnerabilities that can be detected only if we understand the business logic and how the system […]

The Path to Continuous Testing

Everyone has heard the buzzwords about DevOps, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Testing. Yet understanding what that actually means is a different story. For while everyone seems to believe it’s a desired goal, not everyone understands the changes that will have to take place to facilitate it. Automated tests, no matter the tool, cannot be built […]

Successfully Implementing BDD in an Agile World

SmartBear’s Bria Grangard first provides an overview of Shift Left, an approach to software development where quality is considered and testing is performed earlier in the lifecycle, including the three customer values that can be improved. She also shares statistics gathered from a beta program that has been running over the last few months on […]

Improve Test Strategies and Outcomes with Mind Maps

Do you ever sit in test strategy or test plan review sessions and get little or no participation from others? Are you looking for a better way to communicate important information around the test plan or strategy? Do you want your stakeholders to understand and engage in providing feedback and suggestions? Jennifer Bonine of tap|QA […]

Using Agile to Adapt to Changing Goals

The goals of your team will change. Are you setting up your teams for long-term success? At times, you are challenged to choose an efficient solution that may not support your goals in the future but works for today’s goals. My team’s focus had to change from building and driving adoption of a test automation […]

Internet of Things: How it Changes the Ways We Test

Anki robots pack a lot of technology into small packages. Our newest product Vector is an autonomous cloud connected robot with Alexa integration. Anki OVERDRIVE cars are high-tech, intelligent vehicles with serious hardware. Built-in computers combined with visual sensors make sure you stay on track even during the most epic battle moments. Cozmo, a little […]

Rapid Software Testing in Agile Contexts

Over the last several years, a set of ideas and activities have been dumped into a big bucket called “Agile software development”. Agile development has hit mainstream recognition. Yet there is often uncertainty and turmoil around what “Agile development” means, in theory and in practice, and the confusion affects Agile projects and the people in […]