STPCon Testing Stories

Tell Your Story! – But Keep it Short! On Thursday, April 4th, after lunch, STPCon introduces “Testing Stories.” During this time, we will hear from 8 attendees; each will share their story, pitch, strategy or approach to testing, new methodology or a better way of using a common tool. Anything that they think the audience […]

Security from Testers Perspective

Security is an increasingly important factor for all organizations, and for this reason Penetration Tests are executed with specialized security teams, who have specific knowledge about security, but don’t always know the business rules. There is a set of vulnerabilities that can be detected only if we understand the business logic and how the system […]

Workshop: Breaking Web Applications

Programming just like testing is just as much science as it is an art. There are components in a program like – Clients, servers, state, user inputs. Most coding part has some rules and most popular technologies also have user communities that lay down the “best practices” for coding in them. The fun to test […]