Agile Performance Testing in the Real World

Performance issues have a substantial impact on the quality, cost, and customer confidence making it necessary to ingrain performance processes throughout the agile development lifecycle. Today’s software is much more sophisticated than anything we’ve ever seen and it’s no longer sufficient to treat performance testing as a final checkbox before we push countless hours of hard work live. To succeed today, every organization, regardless of their industry or end user, must design a real-world feedback loop and implement the tools and processes that can analyze data points and turn them into actionable insights. Performance testing today involves asking the hard questions of why weren’t our pitfalls caught at key points along our development lifecycle, what is the actual cause of our deficiencies, and how do we not only resolve a specific shortcoming but adjust our performance process so as to prevent any future negative outcomes.

Join Amit Patel as he shares his recent project experiences and:

  1. The steps they took to change processes, leverage different technologies and align internal stakeholders.
  2. How they use production-monitoring solutions to create a real-world production feedback loop to ensure they can analyze data and turn them into actionable defects.
  3. How his team also created process and procedures to execute performance tests on a regular basis and pass/fail builds based on thresholds.

Location: Harbour A Date: April 3, 2019 Time: 3:45 pm - 4:45 pm Amit Patel Amit Patel