Design Inclusively: Future Proof Your Software

Inclusive Design allows programmers to create and design websites and applications that are available to the largest population possible without having to rely on external technology necessary for sites to be Accessible. Inclusive Design and Accessibility go hand in hand and are complementary endeavors but Inclusive Design, done early, can help make the last mile of Accessibility that much easier.

Inclusive Design is not magic. In many cases, it’s taking work that has already done and making some small but significant changes. New web technologies help to make Inclusive Design more effective by utilizing semantic enhancements. More important, making this shift can also help you make better design choices in the future, without having to bolt on or re-architect your existing code, possibly at great cost in time, energy and finances.

In this talk I will introduce:

  • The ideas and ideals behind Inclusive Design.
  • The benefits of making it part of a team’s workflow early on in development (seriously, Design Inclusively from line one of code if possible)
  • Provide some examples of how to put Inclusive Design into everyday practice with some before and after comparisons

Agile Leadership Strategy
Location: Cypress B Date: April 3, 2019 Time: 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm Michael Larsen