What to Do When QA is Backed Against the Wall?

Imagine that you’re the QA/QE/Test manager, or lead, that’s driving the quality processes and strategies to ensuring a high quality release will be confidently deployed into production.

Now, Beta testing is hot and heavy with lots of defects to be created and verified .. what you say? not enough resources (e.g. humans) to design and execute your 5,150 test cases? The requirements have changed? User stories are shaky? Test plans and strategies are still half-written? QA is too too slow and has arrived at the party too late .. too often. The trust in QA has turned into distrust, while thrust into a corner of criticism from other stakeholders .. sad. It’s no wonder QA teams are systematically being “replaced” by DEV’s that now do testing.

“Driving quality” can also mean that QA is getting ran over. What can you do? Join and listen to the wealth of experiences and a sound plan on what you can do … when QA is backed against the wall.

Peter shares his own experiences, including others, on how to handle high pressure situations where playing catch-up and re-taking control of quality gone nowhere onto a path of successfully managing and driving quality.:

  • What to say when QA is not performing.
  • What to do when QA has a poor test plan.
  • What to do to turn things around.
  • How to get confidence from your stakeholders.
  • How to prepare a simple test plan/strategy.
  • What to say to your harshest critics.

Location: Cypress B Date: April 3, 2019 Time: 10:15 am - 11:15 am Peter Kim