Jane Fraser Jane Fraser

Jane is a software and hardware test engineer/manager with over 20 years of experience in various technologies: Robotics, Mobile Games, Online Games, Casual Games, Social Networking Games, Website QA, E-commerce, Release Management, Desktop Publishing and Word Processing. She currently works at Anki, which is harnessing robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) to bring to life consumer products with an unprecedented level of intellect and interactive capabilities. Jane and her team help Anki create consumer experiences using cutting-edge technology that was once confined to robotics labs and research institutes. Independent Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team.

Speaker Details:

Jane Fraser – Test Director, Anki, Inc.
Twitter: @janecfraser
Facebook: Jane Fraser
LinkedIn: Jane Fraser
Website: Anki
Past Events: STPCon, StarEast, StarWest, StarCanada, Vistacon, GDC

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