Thomas Haver

Thomas Haver is presently serving as a Senior Application Architect at Huntington National Bank. He is responsible for the conversion from manual testing to Ruby/Cucumber automation for the entire enterprise. Originally accountable for the development and maintenance of automation frameworks for Digital Channels, he now leads the automation effort for 73 applications across Huntington that encompass testing, metrics & reporting, data, and environment. Thomas is a scientist turned baker turned technology professional. He started as a research scientist in fluorescence microscopy & spectroscopy and has worked at three different R1 research institutes. He has worked as a tester, a developer, a requirements analyst, and finally an application architect. On the weekends, he makes baked goods for a local bakery and hosts gaming events for his non-profit. His passion for reducing the cost of quality through automation and continuous improvement leads him to explore new areas of technology and business management.

Speaker Details:

Thomas Haver – Senior Application Architect, Huntington National Bank
Twitter: @COGSfun
LinkedIn: Thomas Haver
Past Events: STPCon, Stir Trek, Quest for Quality, Targeting Quality, QA or the Highway, CONTest, DevOps Midwest

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