Keynote: The One Thing Testers Can Learn from Machine Learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are all the rage right now. Arthur Samuel in 1959 defined: “Machine Learning is the field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.” This fascinates me as a tester and a test leader to be able to dig in and understand how exactly that […]

Keynote: Testing all the World’s Apps with AI

How can one system test all the world’s apps? Mobile and Web. Jason shares learnings from applying AI techniques for doing just that. Learn how AI can help with the problems of identifying elements in applications, and the sequencing of test steps for regression testing. See how AI can measure qualitative aspects such as usability […]

Keynote: Testers as Their Own Worst Enemies

Sometimes, in some organizations, testers complain that they’re not respected or acknowledged. Project management views testers as obstacles to timely releases; developers see testers as uninformed and technically ignorant pests. Testers themselves step into professional and interpersonal tar pits by misunderstanding the role of the tester, the mission of testing, and the skills required to […]