Understanding the business side of testing is as important as amplifying our approaches and techniques. In this track you will learn how to effectively lead diverse test teams, communicate with stakeholders, and advocate for testing.

STPCon Testing Stories

Tell Your Story! – But Keep it Short! On Thursday, April 4th, after lunch, STPCon introduces “Testing Stories.” During this time, we will hear from 8 attendees; each will share their story, pitch, strategy or approach to testing, new methodology or a better way of using a common tool. Anything that they think the audience […]

It’s All About the Peeps: Hiring (and Retaining) Great QA Teams

Today’s talent market is the tightest of all-time, with dozens of opportunities available for talented IT and QA professionals. Hiring managers are struggling to find the right people for their teams, but perhaps they just aren’t looking in the right places, or selling candidates correctly? tap|QA’s Kirk Walton will explain the processes to help managers […]

Workshop: What’s Your Testing Leadership IQ?

Have you ever needed a way to measure your testing leadership IQ? Or been in a performance review where the majority of time was spent discussing your need to improve as a leader? If you have ever wondered what your core leadership competencies are and how to build on and improve them, Jennifer Bonine shares […]

The “Do Nots” of Testing

Hear the five lessons learned in testing, address them, and take back valuable solutions on your journey of a modern tester! In the “Do Nots” of Testing, we explore the lessons learned in Software Testing – otherwise known as the “Do Nots”. She’ll suggest different approaches and recommendations to help you either remove them completely […]

Today’s Regression Automation Challenge for CI/CD

Regression Automation is all over the map today. The software testing world is way more varied than people think. Some organizations have thousands of tests constantly running on all kinds of VMs taking multiple days to execute, while others have no test automation at all. Any hope of Continuous Delivery or Pipeline Automation makes this […]

Modern Testing Teams and Strategies

The pipeline is moving faster, the business is growing and you are hearing even more demands for higher product quality and efficacy. And you’re being asked to present your ideas for meeting this challenge to your fellow directors: can we test more? can we test sooner? can we change the scope of testing? can we […]

Workshop: Rapid Introduction to Rapid Software Testing – Part 2

Why do we test? What’s the point? We test to develop a comprehensive understanding of the product. We test to find problems that threaten the value of the product, or that threaten the on-time, successful completion of any kind of development work. We test to help the business, managers, and developers decide whether the product […]

Panoramic Quality – The Fellowship of Testing in DevOps

DevOps drastically changes the landscape of testing. Collaboration between operations and development teams enables a stream of small changes to be deployed to production. This pace of change puts a strain on traditional testing activities. There used to be a sense of safety in dedicating hours or days to testing after code is complete and […]

Design Inclusively: Future Proof Your Software

Inclusive Design allows programmers to create and design websites and applications that are available to the largest population possible without having to rely on external technology necessary for sites to be Accessible. Inclusive Design and Accessibility go hand in hand and are complementary endeavors but Inclusive Design, done early, can help make the last mile […]