Developing and testing software for mobile devices presents its own set of challenges. In this track participants will learn mobile testing techniques from real-world experiences as presented by a selection of industry experts.

STPCon Testing Stories

Tell Your Story! – But Keep it Short! On Thursday, April 4th, after lunch, STPCon introduces “Testing Stories.” During this time, we will hear from 8 attendees; each will share their story, pitch, strategy or approach to testing, new methodology or a better way of using a common tool. Anything that they think the audience […]

Crossing the Streams – Multi-Platform Mobile Framework Design

Congrats! You’ve figured out that automation will be helpful for your mobile testing and you want to start building. The next decision will set the tone of your future work: how will you design your framework? When you are automating one platform and device type, you can have a simple implementation. Once you start increasing […]

Internet of Things: How it Changes the Ways We Test

Anki robots pack a lot of technology into small packages. Our newest product Vector is an autonomous cloud connected robot with Alexa integration. Anki OVERDRIVE cars are high-tech, intelligent vehicles with serious hardware. Built-in computers combined with visual sensors make sure you stay on track even during the most epic battle moments. Cozmo, a little […]

Workshop: Unwrapping the Box of Paired Testing

Have you ever been in a situation where… A stakeholder comes to you/your QA team and says “We have about 2 hours before we push the new version of the app into production. Could you do some high-level acceptance tests and ensure our app is stable before we do it”. You have no idea where […]

Keynote: Testing all the World’s Apps with AI

How can one system test all the world’s apps? Mobile and Web. Jason shares learnings from applying AI techniques for doing just that. Learn how AI can help with the problems of identifying elements in applications, and the sequencing of test steps for regression testing. See how AI can measure qualitative aspects such as usability […]