Workshop: Unwrapping the Box of Paired Testing

Have you ever been in a situation where… A stakeholder comes to you/your QA team and says “We have about 2 hours before we push the new version of the app into production. Could you do some high-level acceptance tests and ensure our app is stable before we do it”. You have no idea where […]

Workshop: Clean Coding Practices for Test Automation

Listen to “STPCON Spring 2019 Angie Jones and Smelly Code” on Spreaker. We are often reminded by those experienced in writing test automation that code is code. The sentiment being conveyed is that test code should be written with the same care and rigor that production code is written with. However, many people who write […]

Workshop: Testing Software with Machine Learning

How do you train an AI bot to do your software testing? Integrating AI into your testing activities can be intimidating, but in reality, it is pretty easy–it just takes a lot of ‘grungy’ work. Learn how to directly apply AI to real-world testing problems, without having a Ph.D. in computer science. Jason shares a […]

Workshop: Critical Thinking Skills for Testers – Part 1

Some bugs are obvious. Every test must have an expected, predicted result. Effective testing requires complete, clear, consistent, and unambiguous specifications. Repeated tests are fundamentally more valuable. Testers should never make assumptions. Experience is the best teacher. People shouldn’t argue about semantics. Test automation saves time for exploratory testing later on. If you’re a tester […]

Workshop: Rapid Introduction to Rapid Software Testing – Part 1

Why do we test? What’s the point? We test to develop a comprehensive understanding of the product. We test to find problems that threaten the value of the product, or that threaten the on-time, successful completion of any kind of development work. We test to help the business, managers, and developers decide whether the product […]

Workshop: Keys to Transitioning to Agile Testing

It’s fairly hard to know what solid testing is all about within agile teams. What traditional practices are fine to continue, which ones need modification, and what totally new approaches are necessary. Moving from traditional to agile testing is often a high-wire balancing act to some degree with no clear direction. In this workshop, experienced […]

Workshop: Agile Risk Based Testing Techniques

Let’s face it—agile testing is different. Challenges exist in successfully integrating within the teams themselves. Scrummerfall continues to run rampant. The dichotomy of testing vs. quality—and balancing both the team’s and your focus—still exists. Delivering value is both an imperative and a challenge. In this dynamic workshop, join agile coach Robert Sabourin to explore the […]