Workshop: Performance Automation for Everyone

Every quality engineer who loves automation in testing jumps at the chance to develop awesomely-written utilities and build up an entire barrage of automated scripts to run on the pipeline. But after some time, after all that amazing work, the production guys come complaining about outages and performance issues every day. They want to “shift left” more rigorous performance work pre-release. They want estimation and telemetry about incoming releases. And they want you to automate it all!

This is hands-on workshop is for any automation engineer who wants to add performance test automation, response time measurements, waterfall processing, workload simulation and monitoring to their repertoire. We’ll cover slight differences for single-user performance measurement versus multi-user load testing scenarios.

Learning hands on:

  • add parsing of a HAR file to trend browser performance
  • automation for different kinds of performance tests
  • advanced techniques for continuous load testing
  • visualizing trends and estimates for release performance

Performance Workshop
Location: Harbour A Date: April 1, 2019 Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Mark Tomlinson - STPCon Fall 2014 Mark Tomlinson