LogiGear Corporation was founded in Silicon Valley in 1994 by top thought leaders in the software testing industry. We provide leading-edge global solutions for software testing, expertise services that enable our customers to accelerate the growth of their business, and we also offer public and corporate software testing training programs worldwide through LogiGear University. We’re leaders in the integration of Test Automation with our very own Test Automation tool, TestArchitect, offshore resources, and US project management for fast, cost-effective results.

We’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies to early-stage start-ups in creating unique solutions to meet our clients’ needs. With facilities in the US, Vietnam, and Japan, we help companies double their test coverage and improve software quality while reducing testing time and cutting costs. For more information, visit logigear.com.

Achieving the Full Potential of Test Automation

Software test automation has the capacity to decrease the overall cost of testing and improve software quality, but most testing organizations have not been able to achieve the full potential of test automation. A number of groups have implemented test automation plans, only to later become disregarded as expensive “shelfware.” Often such teams continue their automation efforts, yet become burdened with huge costs in maintain large suites of automated test scripts that are of questionable value. [Download This White Paper]


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