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When software is relied upon to create more scalable operations, the process to maintain quality can become complex. Magenic helps companies create logical strategies that automate and integrate QA so that businesses can innovate with confidence. Early integration of Magenic’s Quality Assurance and Testing (QAT) services brings clarity and transparency to your project while preserving your budget and speeding up your delivery timeline. Integration into the software development process allows QAT the ability to provide agile responses with quantitative information.

At Magenic, we collaborate with our clients to help them achieve their digital transformation goals, as well as reach and retain new customers through increased adoption and utilization of their digital products. We understand our clients’ challenges and use technology to transform and improve their business. Our diverse vertical expertise recently helped a major financial institution achieve a 128% lift in utilization, which in turn generated over 40% in savings.

Implementing Magenic’s Automation Quick Start (MAQS) Framework into the Agile Continuous Integration (CI) process can yield greater test coverage, faster feedback on quality, and improve the overall quality of deployed builds. MAQS supports multiple application spaces including mobile and cloud, and integrates with other test management tools and partners.

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