Practitest is an all-in-one software where you and your team can manage, control, track, document and optimize tests in real time. Finally have complete visibility for your entire process.

  • Complete visibility in real-time – Run and manage all your tests in one place. Our customized dashboards and reports will keep you informed know what’s happening and what needs fixing at all times.
  • Seamless integration with all your tools and existing process – PractiTest is completely customizable to your process. Seamlessly integrate with all your existing tools and get started easily and quickly.
  • Save time and shorten processes – PractiTest is built around your process, create your manual tests and organize them based on your cycles and sprints and save time by reusing tests.

“No doubt, PractiTest is the best product! It is solid enough to support multiple testing environments and complex scenarios, yet it’s very intuitive for everyday use…” – Ophir Amitai, QA Manager, Delek Corp

Practitest - Is Excel Holding you Back?

Is Excel Holding Back Your Testing?

As testers, we all worked with Excel at some point in our career. If you are using excel now this article is for you 🙂 Excel is used as test management, documentation and reporting tool by many test teams. At early stages, most teams rely on excel spreadsheets for planning and documenting tests, as well as reporting test results. As teams grow, sharing information using excel sheets becomes problematic. [Download this White Paper]


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