Our Mission: Automate the World’s Apps

We want to improve the quality of software apps by making app development easier through the power of AI and automation.

What We Do

We’ve built the world’s first AI-powered test automation platform to help organizations deliver quality mobile app experiences to their customers. The platform scales and can test thousands of apps in parallel without the need to code or maintain tests. We’ll automate testing for the most impactful user experiences so that your team can focus on improving them.

Who We Are

Our team wrote the book on testing— having worked on some of the world’s most used software such as Chrome and Bing and co-authoring books such as How Google Tests Software and App Quality: Secrets for Agile App Teams. We’re dedicated to elevating the quality of the world’s apps and are uniquely qualified to do so.

Sponsor Contact Details:

Twitter: @testdotai
LinkedIn: test.ai

eMail: hi@test.ai