Testim.io leverages artificial intelligence for the authoring, execution and maintenance of automated test cases. Its proprietary technology learns and adapts automated tests to code changes, reducing 90% of maintenance time and 70% of authoring time. Testim helps companies accelerate time-to-market and achieve unparalleled quality at a fraction of time of conventional solutions. It supports both Web and Mobile automation. Also, check out the new Mobile Android Beta offering.

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The Future of Test Automation eBook - Testim.ioThe Future of Test Automation
About 5 years ago everyone was talking about “Mobile First” and giving the user a mobile experience using mobile web, native and hybrid applications. Now, the new buzzword is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Not a day goes by without people or articles mentioning some sort of AI development happening in self-driving cars, speech recognition, computer vision, healthcare, fintech and now in software testing. AI and machine learning are advancing at a rapid pace. Companies like Apple, Tesla, Google, Amazon, Facebook and others have started investing more into AI to solve different technological problems in the areas of healthcare, autonomous cars, search engines, predictive modeling and much more testing It’s affecting every business, big or small. This being the case how are we as Testers going to adapt to this change and embrace AI? [Continue Reading]

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