Testing Like a Kid

From 1952 to 1970, Art Linkletter was the host of a TV show called “House Party”. In this TV show, he had a segment called “Kids Say the Darndest Things”. He would ask children simple questions, after which he would receive astounding responses. The humorous and surprising responses clearly showed that children many times see […]

The QA/QE Role: Supporting DevOps the Smart Way

Focusing on more valuable automation, shifting traditional “right” tasks left, and tailoring refinement to account for more efficient activities are some of the topics we’ll discuss. You’ll take away practical outcomes that will be relevant no matter where you are in your DevOps implementation. The role of QA/QE tends to be ambiguous within Agile teams […]

The “Do Nots” of Testing

Hear the five lessons learned in testing, address them, and take back valuable solutions on your journey of a modern tester! In the “Do Nots” of Testing, we explore the lessons learned in Software Testing – otherwise known as the “Do Nots”. She’ll suggest different approaches and recommendations to help you either remove them completely […]

New Skill Set for the New QA Specialist

As we are moving more towards testing specialists in teams and organizations that are truly adopting Agile and DevOps, we need to understand that the skills that were relevant up to now might need some changes (and sometimes even drastic changes) in order to keep providing value to the process. Many people think that the […]

Design Inclusively: Future Proof Your Software

Inclusive Design allows programmers to create and design websites and applications that are available to the largest population possible without having to rely on external technology necessary for sites to be Accessible. Inclusive Design and Accessibility go hand in hand and are complementary endeavors but Inclusive Design, done early, can help make the last mile […]

What to Do When QA is Backed Against the Wall?

Imagine that you’re the QA/QE/Test manager, or lead, that’s driving the quality processes and strategies to ensuring a high quality release will be confidently deployed into production. Now, Beta testing is hot and heavy with lots of defects to be created and verified .. what you say? not enough resources (e.g. humans) to design and […]

Keep Automation Agile

In Agile, product owners, developers and QA people work as team on the same items. To make it all work tests need be comprehensive and automated. However, if it isn’t finished in a Sprint, the QA effort will fall behind. This will make cooperation with the other disciplines in the next sprint harder, and as […]

APIs – Security & Performance – How to Avoid Getting in the News!

We all know that Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are critical in the modern economy. From things as mundane as payment systems to as exciting as self-driving cars, the ability for systems to communicate, exchange information and perform actions autonomously is crucial. However, if you don’t pay attention to the security or performance aspects of APIs, […]