In this track you will learn practical skills, tools, and techniques for planning and executing effective performance tests.

STPCon Testing Stories

Tell Your Story! – But Keep it Short! On Thursday, April 4th, after lunch, STPCon introduces “Testing Stories.” During this time, we will hear from 8 attendees; each will share their story, pitch, strategy or approach to testing, new methodology or a better way of using a common tool. Anything that they think the audience […]

PerfBytes Live from STPCon Spring 2019

Join Us Wednesday night for a LIVE Podcast from STPCon! Ever had a question about performance testing? Ever wanted to just complain about the lack of load testing on your favorite websites as they buckle and crash under heavy load? Come and join the live audience of the PerfBytes podcast! Win prizes, learn about performance […]

Agile Performance Testing in the Real World

Performance issues have a substantial impact on the quality, cost, and customer confidence making it necessary to ingrain performance processes throughout the agile development lifecycle. Today’s software is much more sophisticated than anything we’ve ever seen and it’s no longer sufficient to treat performance testing as a final checkbox before we push countless hours of […]

Workshop: Performance Automation for Everyone

Every quality engineer who loves automation in testing jumps at the chance to develop awesomely-written utilities and build up an entire barrage of automated scripts to run on the pipeline. But after some time, after all that amazing work, the production guys come complaining about outages and performance issues every day. They want to “shift […]

APIs – Security & Performance – How to Avoid Getting in the News!

We all know that Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are critical in the modern economy. From things as mundane as payment systems to as exciting as self-driving cars, the ability for systems to communicate, exchange information and perform actions autonomously is crucial. However, if you don’t pay attention to the security or performance aspects of APIs, […]